MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs and Features – Neurogadget

As soon as the Apple MacBook stock starts to diminish, the new launch of the MacBook Air and the Pro 2016 will reach the stores.

The MacBook was set into the wild by Apple back in the month of March and unfortunately the 12 inch device failed to impress. Besides the 13 as well as the 15 inch variants of MacBook Pro also got hit with several updates, minor ones but just as important. These updates target the storage, the battery life duration as well as the display of the devices. The updates mentioned occurred back in March and May.

Because Apple MacBooks sales are not going as planned, it’s time for a new game plan. So, Apple is preparing to bring out the big guns and introduce other top gizmos to secure its place in this competitive industry.

If you’re curious of the specs that will roll out with the MackBook Air and the Pro 2016 one, know that they are the best ones ever included in a laptop device. We know from MacRumors that Intel has initiated an array of processors ready to be shipped out. They will include a brand new chipset, moniker Skylake which will be a first-rate one for sure. First-rate because it also comes with DDR4 support as well. The devices will contain a faster and safer RAM version. Also because MacBook has Intel processors implemented in the devices, this further increased the assumptions that the laptops will be fired-up by the newest Intel chipset, the Skylake one.

Android Origin affirms that the MacBook Air, Pro 2016 will roll out with the force touch tech, spick-and-span keyboard as well as a thinner profile. Rumor has it that these laptops will come out in the month of October and they will not come alone. The new iPad line will be launched during the same time. Other voices state that Apple is planning to launch the laptops next month during a big iPhone inauguration. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?


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