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The current MacBook Air, as shown, might soon be replaced by the new MacBook Air 2016. The said new MacBook Air will be solar powered, though this is not yet confirmed. It’s been said that the new MacBook Air 2016 might come out this March at the earliest, though some have its launch in June. (Apple)

The wait has been long for the MacBook Air 2016, and along with this comes the many rumors as well. One of the latest speculations to come out is that the coming MacBook Air 2016 would be solar powered.

Not only that, but according to Youth Health Mag, through a report coming from Master Herald, the 2016 MacBook Pro will also come with solar charging capabilities as well. The rumor came out as it was found out that Apple is applying for a patent related to the upcoming feature that might be integrated in the company’s upcoming line of devices. 

Master Herald did note that the rumor is still subject for confirmation, and has not elaborated about the MacBook Air 2016 being solar powered.

The release date for the MacBook Air 2016 is also up for speculation, although one of the biggest guesses is that it would be launched in March, which would follow when Apple would traditionally unveil new products. 

However, the Christian Post says the MacBook Air 2016 might come in June, as it cites a report coming from Macworld UK. A June launch though would be unusual for Apple though. For its specs, it might come with a choice of either a 12-inch or a 15-inch model. Its processor would be the latest Intel Skylake processor.

For its features, the coming MacBook Air 2016 will have Touch ID and Force Touch, much like the iPhone 6S does. The MacBook Air seems to be popular even though Apple seems to be concentrating more now on the MacBook Pro. This might be helpful, as it is still uncertain if ever the MacBook Air would come out.

It’s been speculated that this might be the last of the MacBook Air line, as Apple has too many products to attend to. There is a smaller, 11 inch model of the MacBook Air, but it seems this model type would not be continued any longer.


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