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The next generation Macbook Air is supposed to debut in March 2016.

However, a new rumor has suggested that Apple will be rolling out the latest MacBook offering in time for the Holidays this year.

Previous iterations of the MacBook Air as well as the MacBook Pro are already selling online, a phenomenon that closely precedes an upcoming release from Apple, Geek Snack noted.

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Apple’s revamped release schedule could be attributed to the company’s awareness of other tech manufactures’ marketing strategy. Other companies who simultaneously release their products with Apple’s products simply could not compete with them.

Instead, they release their products earlier so they could have the market to themselves and thereby draining the market for companies who have later release dates like Apple.

The next gen MacBook Air is expected to be better in appearance than the 2015 version with only the devices’ dimensions, keyboard design, and backlighting staying the same.

The side bezels on the new MacBook Air will be lessened and it will have a matte black finish, to make video watching more easy on the eyes. Its 13-inch panel will look similar to the MacBook Pro in terms of aspect ratio and quality. Its track pad will now have improved “Force Touch” mechanics. The new device is said to be 11.5 mm slim, which would be a record-breaker in the notebook industry. It can also house more USB ports than its predecessors.

Aside from appearances, the upcoming model will fix software issues currently present in this year’s MacBook Air starting from complaints received regarding its less than stellar speakers. The newer MacBook Air will most definitely have to upgrade on its audio department or else fans will be very disappointed.

As to the forthcoming notebook’s chipset and battery, a tech website has the scope:

“Although some say the same fifth generation Intel Broadwell chips will be present in the base models, the higher-end models of the 2016 MacBook Air are said to introduce a new player to the field, although the player itself remains unknown.

Some say Apple is going to delegate chip manufacturing to a new company and is going to use a new architecture to make the new notebook even more powerful,” Geek Snack speculated.

If MacBook Air 2016 would in fact be available as early as late October, expect only some few meaningful changes. Apple can’t sprint too many improvements in time for the Air 2016’s rumored Holiday release, unless of course if they had already prepared for the release scheme change for years in advance .


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