MacBook 12-inch rose gold review: Apple’s latest is pink, portable, powerful –

The Notes app has received one of the most dramatic overhauls of all, having acted as little more than a iOS/OS X cross-platform notepad in the past. Now you can embed photos, videos, map locations, audio files and map locations into your note in two ways. You can drag and drop your file into the note (though when done with a video, it will save it as an image. Dropping the file’s url will create a video link), or right click, select Share > Notes to add the media to the note.

One you start typing in a new note, the text is automatically formatted for bold headline and a smaller font for the body text. You can quickly search for images dropped into Notes by clicking on the Attachments browser button, or create to-do lists using the Checklists button. Notes ported from numerous devices are stored on the left-hand side of the App, where new folders can be created to keep them organised.


If you were unconvinced by last year’s 12-inch MacBook, it’s unlikely that much about the new model will change your mind. But it’s more than powerful enough to tackle the vast majority of tasks for people who aren’t planning to use it for weapons-grade intensive programs, it’s a delight to use and there’s no denying it looks amazing. 

As I’ve said before, the single USB-C port is the most divisive feature, apart from maybe the price – starting from £1,049 for 256GB of flash storage and a 1.1GHz processor, or £1,299 for 512GB of flash and a 1.2GHz processor. This MacBook has been designed for people who want a super-portable, good-looking laptop and who aren’t concerned about plugging in peripheral attachments, rather than a machine to use in the office.

There is a chance Apple is preparing to update the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines at its forthcoming developers’ conference in June, so if you’re after a slightly cheaper or more powerful Mac, it might be worth holding out for those. In this meantime, the rose gold MacBook is a stunning laptop, if you’re willing to pay the price.


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