LG Gram is a MacBook Air rival for PC users – CIO

If you’re a Windows guy or gal, but wish you could own a PC that’s similar to Apple’s thin and light MacBook Air, you now have a new option. LG, a company mostly known in the United States for its monitors and TVs, is now shipping a PC called the “Gram,” and it takes dead aim at the MacBook Air.

Calling its new laptop Gram is LG’s way of telling you that weight is a major selling point. The 13-inch Gram is a half-inch thick, and it weighs just 2.16 pounds; the same size MacBook Air is more than half a pound heavier, at 2.96 pounds. LG site’s says the 14-inch version also weighs 2.16 pounds, but that sounds off to me — it has to be heavier.

Amazon listed the Gram for sale this week, and it’s expected to be available on the Microsoft online store and other retail locations soon. Depending on the configuration, the Gram costs between $900 to $1,400.

LG Gram technical specifications

The Gram’s tech specs are mostly impressive. The $900, 13-inch version comes with Intel’s Core i5 processor, a 128GB solid state hard drive, and 8GB of RAM. That processor is Intel’s “Broadwell,” or fifth-generation chip, and next month other PC makers will sell systems with more efficient sixth-generation “Skylake” processors. However, the i5 Broadwell is no slouch. And the Gram comes with Windows 10, of course.


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