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Lenovo’s Yoga Book has brought to life some pretty futuristic looking technologies, but the gadget might see fierce competition from the purported 2016 MacBook Air.

We took the info we have about the two devices and pitted them one against another so you know what to expect.


Yoga Book does not break ground with its screen, which sports a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,200p. In all fairness, the IPS touchscreen display of 10.1 inches could be better, as brightness only reaches 400 nits and the screen can cover a color gamut of 70 percent.

Lenovo’s challenger, the rumored MacBook Air from 2016, is said to come packing a Retina Display. The present model packs a 13.3-inch screen able of displaying resolutions of 1,440 x 900p. Insiders say┬áthat the upcoming variant of the MacBook Air should have an LED-backlit monitor with a resolution of 2,304 x 1,440p.


The Yoga Book managed to holster a number of powerful specs in a very thin laptop, with a noteworthy 10 millimeters of thickness. This means the 2-in-1 will follow the steps of the MacBook Air 2016, which sources say could be even thinner.

Both devices are sturdy and resistant to shocks, despite their thin and elegant construction.

What is more, the MacBook Air could pack the next iteration of solid state drive, meaning that it will pack Fusion Drive hybrid support. This will make Apple’s laptop superior to Lenovo’s gadget, which only holsters a 64 GB storage option, albeit expandable with a microSD card.

Taking a leaf out of the latest MacBook design, this year’s MacBook Air will feature┬áthe good for all USB Type-C port. Meanwhile, the Yoga Book comes with a microUSB port, a headphone jack and a mini-HDMI.

Looking at processing power, the MacBook Air 2016 might overapass the Yoga Book. Apple’s device is rumored to sport the Intel Skylake i5 CPU, which benchmarked higher than the Intel X5 processor found in Lenovo’s laptop.

Both devices rely on 4 GB of RAM to back the processing power, but the MacBook Air could offer the possibility for extra RAM.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Lenovo Yoga Book can easily transform into a tablet in its own right by rotating the monitor 360 degrees.

Unique Features

One area where Lenovo stepped into the future is its touch keyboard, dubbed the Halo keyboard. Lenovo turned the standard keyboard into a flat, LED-backlit blank surface slate with matte finish.

The surface acts pretty much like a tablet, and some insiders from Apple touted that the MacBook Air 2016 could also feature a similar asset.

A neat addition to the Yoga Book is the ability to use the keyboard slate as a drawing/writing surface for the stylus. With a full 2,048 pressure levels and a maximum of 100 degrees of angle, the slate is clearly targeted toward creative users. Keep in mind that if you use the pen to take notes on normal paper, the content can get transferred to the Yoga Book.


On the software side of things, you should know that Apple will embed the latest laptop OS in the MacBook Air 2016, so users who are used to El Capitan will make a move toward macOS Sierra in this year’s laptop.

Meanwhile, the Yoga Book offers users two options, so whether you prefer Windows 10 or Android Marshmallow is entirely up to you.


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