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APPLE has filed a worldwide trademark for the word “PowerBook” in the UK and worldwide – sparking speculation that its bringing back its first ever laptop.

The first PowerBook – with its signature trackball, floppy disc reader and colourful Apple logo – launched in 1991 and was replaced by the MacBook in 2006.

The new MacBook Pro will include a touch sensitive OLED panel

The MacBook is extremely popular

Back in the early noughties, interim CEO Steve Jobs turned his efforts to the redesign of the PowerBook and produced the first laptop of its kind perfect for watching widescreen films.

Lighter than most gadgets on the market, it was billed as the “first supercomputer you can actually take with on on an airplane”.

In February Apple was granted an application to trademark PowerBook worldwide, suggesting that the Macintosh flagship might be making a comeback.

Leaked Apple designs show what iPhone could have been

The Apple PowerBook 150 was released in 1994

The Apple PowerBook 150 was released in 1994

The PowerBook 5300 were released in 1995

The PowerBook 5300 were released in 1995

Thomas La Perle, Apple’s legal director applied for the trademark, which is registered to the technology company’s HQ at 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, San Jose.

Apple have not confirmed whether this is the case, and there are a number of reasons why lawyers are sending off applications to protect its property.

But it follows a trend for stripping its new launches back to their original models.

The iPad Air, for example, was last week replaced by the iPad, which first launched in 2010 by Steve Jobs.

The iPhone 8, tipped to be released in September, could be simply called the iPhone, in commemoration of its tenth anniversary.

A HUGE release is expected to mark the occasion.

It’ss expected to boast some incredible new tech but ditch some familiar features.

Only small crowds waited outside Apple stores to snap up the new iPhone 7

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