Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis rant on MacBook Pro calls Tim Cook ‘boring, visionless and incompetent’ [Video] – 9 to 5 Mac

There’s been a great deal of discussion and debate about Apple’s decision to remove all but USB-C and headphone ports from the new MacBook Pro, but Weblogs founder and Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis turned the dial up to 11 in an appearance on This Week in Tech.

In criticising both the loss of the ports from the MacBook Pro and headphone socket from the iPhone 7, he said that Apple CEO Tim Cook was ‘boring, visionless and incompetent’ and called for him to leave the company.

The discussion began reasonably enough, with a comment from host Leo Laporte that Apple’s price-cuts to USB-C cables and adapters was an acknowledgement of ‘a mis-step’ by the company, but that provoked a solid two-minute all-out rant by Calacanis. It started with the usual criticism of promoting an operations guy to CEO and went on from there.

If you put the person in charge of logistics in charge of Apple, the ships and the trains and everything’s going to run on time, but the product is going to suffer […]

Getting rid of the headphone jack, and forcing people to make a decision if they want to charge their phone or make a phone call, is incompetence […] And to take the MagSafe connector […] to take this innovation that they’re known for and throw it away, and put four USB-Cs and take away another loved feature, the HDMI that plugs right in, knowing that people were in the video business and developers love that, it reeks of some level of incompetence that can only happen when you put someone as boring and visionless as Tim Cook in charge of a company with a legacy and a passionate user-base like Apple.

Calacanis went on to compare his view of Cook with Steve Jobs, seemingly forgetting that Steve hand-picked his successor.

The first comment on the video was from someone who didn’t seem overly impressed.

You can trust Jason Calacanis, he’s an expert in incompetence.

View in our poll were split, with a slim margin considering the switch to all-USB-C ports a positive move. You can watch the excerpt below.


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