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It is no secret that Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer, the iMac, is long overdue for an innovation. The latest iteration of the iMac that Apple currently sells was unveiled two years ago and simply refreshed last year, which corresponds to a very long time in the tech industry. Prior to the unveiling of the MacBook Pro 2016, numerous rumors emerged stating that Apple would be releasing the next-generation iMac in the event as well. Unfortunately, the iMac was not mentioned at all during the tech giant’s October 27 “Hello Again” event, fueling speculations that the device would be unveiled in early 2017 instead.

Considering the delay in the iMac’s release, rumors are high that the next-generation, all-in-one desktop computer from Apple would feature the most advanced technologies currently available in the market today. Most of the rumors about the iMac 2017 are very encouraging, with speculations painting a picture of a powerhouse device that would be quite a match with its biggest and most formidable rival, Microsoft’s Surface Studio.

One of the biggest possible reasons behind the considerable delay of the iMac 2017’s release would be Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. While Apple settled on sixth-generation Skylake processors for the MacBook Pro 2016, there is a very slim chance that Apple would do the same strategy for the 2017 iMac. After all, between the two devices, the iMac has traditionally been more powerful than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro 2016’s aging Skylake chips are already pretty much maximized by Apple’s latest power laptops. Thus, using Intel’s Skylake chips for the iMac 2017 would simply not work.

The iMac 2017 might very well be the most important all-in-one desktop computer Apple will ever release.
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A recent Intel report unearthed by AnandTech found that the premier chip-maker is preparing for the release of 11 quad-core Kaby Lake processors within the first three months of 2017. According to the report, included in Intel’s release would be seven Core i5, three Core i7, and one Xeon E3 v6 processor. These, of course, are the chips that have been rumored for the iMac 2017 for some time now. If the unearthed report proves true, each of the chips in the Kaby Lake family is significantly faster than their counterparts in the Skylake generation. Thus, these upcoming chips would be perfect for Apple’s upcoming flagship all-in-one.

As for the release date of the iMac 2017, Apple would definitely need to step up its game, as the all-in-one market just got a lot more competitive with the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Studio. The Surface Studio is leagues above the current iMac right now and features support for the Surface Pen and a new innovative tool called the Surface Dial. The iMac has always prided itself as one of the best productivity and creativity devices in the market, but with the Surface Studio around, Apple’s all-in-one has been thrown far back in the race.

With this in mind, speculations are high that Apple would be releasing the iMac 2017 together with the iPad Pro 2. In a lot of ways, this does make sense, since the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the 4-inch iPhone SE were unveiled last March. Considering the cycle of Apple products, a March, 2017, reveal seems very likely.

Apple's iMac has long been a favorite in the all-in-one market due to its design and power.
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Revealing the iMac 2017 together with the iPad Pro 2 within the first three months of next year would be beneficial for Apple since both devices are in need of an upgrade. Apple’s iPads have seen a notable decline in sales recently, and the iPad Pro line has not been as successful as the tech giant might have wanted. Thus, March, 2017, would be the perfect time to unveil both the iMac 2017 and the iPad Pro 2.

The iMac 2017 would be arriving at the all-in-one market in a position that is far different than before. While all-in-one machines have been around for some time, the iMac has always taken a very notable spot as one of the best productivity machines in the industry. This has caused the device to be embraced by many, despite its relatively high price. With the market more competitive than ever, and with a very formidable rival already being released, Apple’s iMac 2017 would need to surmount a mountain of challenges.

Then again, Apple has always had a magic touch with its products. The entry-level iPhone 6S only had 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, but the tech giant’s loyal fans still supported it, allowing the rather underpowered device to outsell its more robust competitors. With the iMac 2017, however, the tech giant would not have the luxury to pull its punches. Apple would need to do everything it can to make sure that true to rumors about the device, the iMac 2017 would be its best all-in-one desktop computer yet.

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