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Intel has announced Kaby Lake processors that we need to see in iMacs, but how long will we have to wait? A new iMac is hotly tipped, though, perhaps for March 2017. Here’s everything we know about the iMac 2016 UK release date, price and specification rumours. 

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iMac 2016 UK release date rumours: When is the iMac Pro coming out?

iMac 2016 UK release date: March 2017 (TBC) 

Apple held a special event on 27 October in which it was expected to unveil new Macs. Chief among those Macs, following a Best Buy slip up that saw a Kaby Lake-powered iMac listed for sale, was a new iMac family. This didn’t happen, but we’re still fairly confident new iMacs are coming soon – with the next possible launch date March 2017.

A Q1 2017 release date is all the more likely following Intel’s Kaby Lake processor announcements at January’s CES. We’d expect to see the S-Series desktop chips (7500/7600/7700K) in the 27in iMac, although there is no clear upgrade path for the 21.5in iMac – we’ll just have to wait and see.

iMac 2016 UK price rumours: How much is the iMac Pro? 

According to Best Buy, if accurate, a 27in iMac with 32GB of RAM and a 2TB Fusion Drive will cost $3,199.99. This appears to be slightly higher than the current 27in iMac with 32GB RAM and a 2TB Fusion Drive, though of course we don’t know exactly what other upgrades this model includes (and whether or not it is merely placeholder text). 

Over in the UK the current 21.5in iMac starts at £899 or £1,199 with a 4K display, while the 27in 5K model starts at £1,449, both direct from Apple. We would expect prices to remain roughly the same. 

iMac 2016 specification rumours: Is the iMac Pro any good? 

Following that Best Buy leak, it’s highly likely the new iMac will feature a processor upgrade to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake family. The listing also mentioned a 27in 5K display, 32GB of memory and a 2TB Fusion Drive, with the model priced at $3,199.99. It could be placeholder copy, but why bother to update the processor? We’d really like to see this Fusion Drive rolled out as standard across the range. 

Apple could well turn to AMD once again for its graphics solution, with Polaris 10 a prime candidate. It offers improved graphics performance (naturally), plus potential reductions in power consumption and waste heat. More exciting, though, is that these new graphics chips would for the first time bring VR potential to the Mac. 

We’ve seen Apple bring the Pro name to its iPad line-up over the past year, and we’re anticipating that the iPad mini will also get a Pro makeover next week. One rumours circulating online is that the iMac will also get Pro treatment, and we could be about to see a sufficiently powerful iMac Pro to replace the Mac Pro. 

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