HP Spectre x360 review: 363 reasons why it beats a MacBook Pro – The Australian Financial Review

A year ago it might have come as a shock to learn that the world’s most boring PC maker, HP, was now the world’s number one PC maker, ahead of Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Acer.

But a year ago HP hadn’t come out with exquisite notebooks like the Spectre, one of our favourite notebooks of 2016, and it hadn’t come out with the 2017 Spectre x360, a convertible notebook that could well turn out to be one of our favourite computers of 2017.

HP has certainly upped its game, and so to hear that it’s now not just the most popular PC maker, but also the fastest growing, well it’s hardly shocking at all. Its PCs are now anything but dull, and indeed are so compelling that we’re going to review both the Spectre x360 here and the EliteBook x360 in a few weeks in a sort of two-part homage to the resurrected PC maker.

And, though I’m about to say a lot of nice things about the Spectre x360, none of them should be taken as license to race out and buy one. The EliteBook, which I’ve seen but not reviewed, looks like it might be even better than the Spectre, so wait for that review before listening to me.


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