HP Spectre Review: A stunning laptop, but you’ll have to pay a big price – Express.co.uk

The lower portion of the laptop, built from carbon fibre, next to the trackpad, does also feel a bit fragile, and can lead to a worrying moment or two if you’re a heavy user.

Although not as large as many other devices, the trackpad is quick and responsive to use, although those with bigger fingers might have an issue.

The keys themselves are well spaced out and feel reassuringly firm, meaning that there should be little danger of making a typo.

However, the Bang & Olufsen speakers take up far too much space next to the lower half, running along the sides of the keyboard – valuable real estate space that could have instead been used to boost the size of the trackpad.

HP says that the Spectre is the world’s slimmest laptop, and the company has crammed in a wealth of components to provide maximum power.

In total, the device weighs in at just over 1.1kg and at just 10.4mm across, meaning it’s so easy to carry, and making it perfect to take off to a meeting or on a flight.

However this slim build does mean that there’s no typical USB ports, deemed to wide for the body, with HP instead introducing several USB-C ports and throwing in a free adapter for good measure.


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