Here’s What Google Chrome Is Really Doing To Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Refinery29

The results of the lab-controlled test also showed Microsoft Edge lasting longest when used for “typical browsing activities.”

In the experiments, Microsoft tested Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera on a Microsoft Surface Book laptop. So while Chrome is a definite battery hog (Google knows, and is working on it), it’s also worthwhile to note that, like with Safari and OS X, browsers work best with the OS they’re designed for. For a Microsoft notebook, that’s Edge, and for a Mac, that’s likely Safari.

Edge, which recently replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Microsoft devices, is clearly good with battery life. Though, loyal users of Chrome and other browsers might not be lured away just yet. Edge still doesn’t offer browser extensions, which may be a deal breaker for some. But if battery life is your M.O., it might be worth exploring some non-Chrome options on your laptop.


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