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As a 12″ MacBook owner, I’m always looking for new USB-C peripherals to help make my life easier. Aukey’s $17.99 3-port USB 3.0 hub with Gigabit Ethernet is one such device.

I’ve used lots of USB-C peripherals since I’ve owned my MacBook, and I’ve refrained from covering them all, because some of the devices aren’t even worth bringing to your attention. Aukey’s hub, however, is well worth discussing.

There’s nothing particularly special about this hub, but the build quality is solid; the USB 3.0 ports work as expected, and the Gigabit Ethernet functions fine without needing any special drivers, even on macOS Sierra.

Small details like the rubber feet on the bottom of the device, which helps prevent movement on desk, and the USB-C connector itself, which isn’t wobbly like many of the USB-C-enabled devices that I’ve tested, make this hub a solid choice. The build material, while unapologetically plastic, is well-designed; it actually reminds me of something Nintendo would have made back in its GameCube era.

Hands-on video

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I only have a couple of complaints about the Aukey hub: 1). I wish the USB-C cable was a tad longer, and 2). I’m not a big fan of always-on LED light. If there’s going to be any LED light(s) on the hub, it should be used as an Ethernet connection status indicator, and not merely as a sign that the hub is properly connected to your Mac.


Ethernet worked immediately upon connecting

But it’s really hard to complain about this $17.99 hub. It’s simple, easy to use, well-built, inexpensive, and it just works. Do you own a MacBook? If so, what type of USB Type-C peripherals are you currently enjoying?


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