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Google just announced its new Pixelbook laptop, which will run on
Google’s Chrome OS operating system. 

google pixelbookGoogle

The new Pixelbook is a convertible laptop-tablet hybrid with a
foldable screen. It is incredibly light at only 1 kilogram, or
2.2 pounds. It’s also thin at 10mm. Design-wise, the back of the
display features a glass inlay that’s similar to the Pixel 2


Its 12.3-inch display is quadHD, which translates to 1440p. 

It’ll come with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, it’ll support up
to 16GB of RAM, and will come with up to 512GB of fast SSD
storage. That should be plenty of power for a Chromebook, and
Google claims the Pixelbook will start up in seconds.


Battery-wise, Google claims the Pixelbook will have a 10-hour
battery life, and will feature fast charging via USB-C for two
hours of regular use from just 15 minutes of charging. 

google pixelbookGoogle

Chromebooks are usually most productive when they’re connected to
the internet, but finding a WiFi connection isn’t always
possible. Google added a nifty feature that will automatically
connect the Pixelbook to your Pixel phone so it can use your
Pixel phone’s data connection when you’re out of reach of

google pixelbook auto pixel connectGoogle

You’ll be able to use Google’s smart AI assistant, called Google
Assistant, to use voice commands for certain tasks on the
Pixelbook, like playing a YouTube video or playing a song. Google
recognized that users may not always want to make commands out
loud with their voice, so there’s a special key that lets you
type your request. My initial impression of this particular
feature is that you might as well just perform your task the way
you normally would instead of typing it out, which seems more

The Pixelbook will also be compatible with Google’s new Pixelbook
Pen. With the Pen, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to pull
up information about what you see on the screen. You’ll just have
to use the Pen to circle an image or a word, and Google Assistant
will show you relevant information.

You’ll be able to use the Pen to draw or take notes, too. 

pixelbook penGoogle

Android apps available on your Android smartphone will also be
supported on the Pixelbook, which makes the Chromebook a lot more
useful, as it’ll have many more apps to choose from than the
relatively fewer apps specifically designed for Chromebooks. Even
Snapchat will be available to use with the Pixelbook. With all
that said, developers will have to build support for the
Pixelbooks larger laptop screen into their apps, so it could take
some time before the app you want is optimized for the
Pixelbook’s display.  

pixelbook keyboardGoogle

The Pixelbook’s keyboard is backlight and features a soft-touch
texture, and the mouse pad uses touch processing algorithms to
improve accuracy over time, as well as palm detection.

The Pixelbook will go on sale for $999, and the Pixelbook Pen for
$99. It’s available for pre-order on Wednesday on Google’s Store
from the US, Canada, and the UK. They’ll be in stores on October


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