Good luck repairing anything in the new iMac – Engadget

If you’ve read our review of the new iMac, you already know that a majority of what’s really new about Apple’s latest all-in-one is its accessories. The destructive folks over at iFixit say that the 21.5-inch model has what “looks like” an LG ultra-HD display and a Texas Instruments chip, while the fan and HDD are the same — the speakers are too. The logic board is where the surprises come in, and they might not make you too happy. Configure a machine without flash storage or a Fusion Drive? You won’t be able to add one at a later date because those don’t include an onboard connector to do so.

The RAM isn’t removable either. Basically, you can’t replace or repair a thing in this computer, which is something that Apple’s been moving toward for awhile. Is that enough to keep you from buying one? Hit the (new) comment section and let us know.


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