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In order to buy the right tool for the job, you have to know what to look for. It seems obvious but this advice applies as much to shopping for a gaming laptop as it does buying a car or smartphone. It is very easy to buy into the look, or the marketing buzz around a product but it is far more important to learn to look below the surface and know what internal features can give you most bang-for-your-buck.

After all, if you buy a gaming laptop that cannot deliver the performance needed for the games you have bought it to play, it’s not really worth the investment – and there is so much more behind a great gaming laptop experience than just the graphics card and CPU.

Here’s what you need to look for:


Making sure your laptop features a quality cooling solution is another aspect of the experience that often gets overshadowed by flashy, neon-lit product design. There is no worse of a letdown than that of discovering that your brand new gaming laptop can’t handle the heat. 

As a gamer, we have all experienced a lag in gameplay or laptop being down clocked. You might wonder…I’ve got the latest GPU/CPU inside so how would this happen?  Surprisingly, it might just be because the cooling solution isn’t performing as well as it should be. Yes!  Cooling solution matters…and it matters alot! 

Plenty of brands can squeeze a gaming-ready graphics card and processor into a notebook but an effective cooling solution is often overlooked. MSI’s latest model GT75VR on the other hand, provides cutting edge technology with a cooler boost modular and the most advanced model “Cooler Boost Titan” that can drop CPU and GPU temperature by 10degree celcius, significantly improving performance. 


Quality sound is a key part of the equation that shoppers often overlook when buying a gaming laptop. Sound is a huge part of the experience when it comes to immersive single-player games, and even more crucial when it comes to multiplayer ones.

In competitive-centric titles like Battlefield and Counter-Strike, hearing your opponent’s footsteps can be a life-or-death detail. In order to make sure your next gaming laptop can offer you this tactical advantage, look to the vendors who have inked deals with dedicated and established audio brands. 

For example, MSI partners with Dynaudio (like the latest GE73/63VR Raider which is equipped with Dynaudio giant speakers) and Nahimic specifically to deliver the power and depth of large speakers within the small form-factor of a laptop. The results of such partnerships often outperform and eclipse the alternatives. Essentially, it is a matter of going with the brands who know how to craft the right tool for the job and buying into the idea that one company can “do it all”.



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