Drastic plastic: The laptop Apple shouldn’t and didn’t make – Macworld

Today at Macworld we bring you another delightful episode of One-Sided Comparisons. This episode is brought to us by Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz and we’re desperately looking for a way to return it but the delivery person threw down a smoke grenade and fled the building.

“Samsung Finally Gave Us the Laptop Apple Should Have.” (Tip o’ the antler to PorthosJon and David.)


No. Not really.

Samsung’s gone and done it guys.

It got engaged?!

(By the way, is it just to the Macalope’s ear or does “Samsung’s Gone And Done It Guys!” sound like the most horrible Broadway dance review ever?)

It’s made a perfectly wonderful laptop that retails for under a grand…

Oh. Cancel the registry order.

…is of exceptional quality, and is neither under-powered nor teeming with crappy finishes.

I will now disprove pretty much every nice thing I just said about this laptop simply by listing its features.


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