Dongles, adapters and extra cables … the hidden cost of Apple’s MacBook Pro – The Australian Financial Review

There are a couple of reasons to invest in a clip-on hard shell case for the Pro. First and obviously, it helps avoid scarring the metal casing. Mac gear is noted for its high resale value, even three or four years down the road. If you keep the original packaging and maintain the unit well, you can count on worthwhile cash back next time you update.

Besides that, the metal case is good looking, but slippery. We like to start the day’s work on the bus into town, and perching the – literally – slick notebook on our knees feels distinctly risky. It wouldn’t take much of a jolt to send $4000 worth of Mac flying down the aisle. A grippier casing, perhaps with stickier rubber feet, is a wise idea.

Beware the $59 Incase hard shell on offer at Apple stores. User reviews insist that it fits poorly and often cracks at the corners. We paid a hefty $90 for a Moshi iGlaze shell that fits perfectly and so far hasn’t given us any fear of fragility.

In the field, the first question MBP owners ask each other is invariably, “Did you get a Touch Bar model?” Pricier MacBooks feature this unique innovation, a second screen in the form of a narrow touch-sensitive bar atop the keyboard, that acts as a context sensitive extra row of keys.


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