This morning, I forgot to bring the USB-C adapter I use to connect my 2016 MacBook Pro to my monitor at work, and now I’m working off my laptop’s display instead of using my dual-display setup.

I’m all for the transition to USB-C, as it lets me plug several accessories like monitors, hard drives, peripherals, and even my laptop’s power cable into a single USB-C dock, which uses up a single USB-C port on my computer and makes it easier to unplug from my desk.

More importantly, USB-C supports standards like Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1, which make for ultra-fast data transfers between computers and external hard drives, and among other devices, they can be used to connect to USB-C monitors.

But for now, and until more accessories use the USB-C standard, I need to remember to carry around the USB-C dock to benefit from USB-C, and even use my non-USB-C accessories at all. It’s just something else I need to remember to carry around, and it’s a hassle.

Thankfully, a solution seems to be cresting over the horizon. A startup called Dockcase has come up with an idea that should help resolve that problem of forgotten USB-C docks by incorporating a dock into a protective case for the MacBook Pro. Assuming you’d always be carrying around a protective case for your MacBook Pro, Dockcase’s proposition is very interesting. 


The company is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign for the Dockcase case itself, which has raised nearly $120,000 of its $30,000 goal from over 1,400 backers (at the time of writing). The campaign will close in 10 days from the time of this writing.

Check it out: