Denver woman says man who agreed to buy MacBook Pro online robbed her – The Denver Channel

DENVER – She didn’t want her face shown but her scars are visible.

“I have road rash scrapes and bruises from him grabbing on to me,” said a Denver robbery victim, who wanted to remain anonymous. She is sharing her story because she hopes no one else gets go through what she went through Friday.

“I just didn’t think this would happen to me, because he looked like a nice guy – he was young,” said the 19-year-old victim.

The victim was trying to sell her MacBook Pro on OfferUp to save up for a new car that she would use to drive to work and school.

User “Max Long” was interested in buying the laptop. The two set up a time to meet outside the 19-year-old victim’s home. When the man arrived, he grabbed her laptop but refused to pay. The victim then tried to grab it back and the two began fighting.

The man then ran to the car and handed the Mac to a female passenger; the victim ran after him to stop him from leaving.

“I was holding his fists so he wouldn’t hit me and was like honking the horn with my other foot,” said the victim.

During the scuffle, the victim heard what she believes is Max Long’s real name.

“His girlfriend said, ‘Let’s go Corey,’” said the victim.

He managed to throw the victim out of car, she said, and took off not just with her laptop but with her iPhone 6 that fell in during the fight. The man wastes no time selling online.

The victim’s mother, Charlene Bettale, wants justice for her daughter.

“Even if we don’t get the items back, I want this guy caught.”

The suspect was a black male, believed to be driving a boxed looking, four-door green car with no license plate.

7NEWS tried to contact the number under Max Long’s name, but the number doesn’t accept calls.

The victim is trying to raise money to make up for lost items.

To help out just head to her GoFundMe page.


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