Cyber Monday 2016 Apple Deals: 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Sales At Best Buy – Forbes

The 12-inch MacBook. (Credit: Apple)

The 12-inch Retina MacBook. (Credit: Apple)

[UPDATE] Typically some of the best MacBook deals can be had at Best Buy. And that seems to be the case for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

After briefly discounting (by $100) the new 13-inch (non-Touch-Bar) MacBook Pro on Black Friday, Best Buy has cut the price on the latest 12-inch Retina MacBooks by as much as $200 for Cyber Monday. And thrown in discounts for the 11-inch MacBook Air and 2015 MacBook Pro too.

–12-inch MacBook (early 2016): price reduced $200 to$1,399.99 from $1,599.99 for the higher-end model (1.2GHz, 512GB). Also Best Buy chopped $150 off of the entry 12-inch MacBook model (1.1GHz, 256GB) to $1,149.99 from the regular price of $1,299.99.

–MacBook Air: price cut of $200 to $699.99 from $899.99 for 11-inch MacBook Air (128GB) and to $899.99 from $1,099.99 for 11-inch MacBook Air (256GB).

–MacBook Pro Retina (2015): discount of $150 discount for the 512GB model to $1,649.99 from the regular price of $1,799.99. That comes with a 5th gen Broadwell processor and 8GB of memory.

The 12-inch MacBook — which received the lion’s share of the discounts — is Apple’s most tablet-like MacBook, weighing only 2 pounds and sporting Apple’s first “Butterfly” keyboard. Apple updated the 12-inch MacBook earlier this year with Intel’s 6th generation “Skylake” processors (updated from last year’s 5th gen “Broadwell”). The new Skylake processor and graphics deliver modest speeds improvements over Broadwell. But those speed boosts seem to be enough to make it a more mainstream computing platform (see review here).

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