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When a bigger part of the day is now spent with gadgets that entertain, track your health, tell you what to do, where to go, and manage your time, it is now almost impossible to live without them—and they are becoming even better and cooler. It really doesn’t matter if today you own a Mac or have Window, these tech gadgets will work to add value to your laptop. They not only make you more professional, but make your device laptop look awesome too.

Privacy Screen

If when commuting to different locations you often use your laptop then you need a privacy screen. When accessing your private information, perhaps at the bank hall, you can never know who is peeping. With a privacy screen, only the person sitting in front of the laptop can see what is on the screen, and that is you.

Media Slingbox/TV Flash Stick

Free yourself from being enslaved to endlessly trying to loop onto the solitary TV CNN feed when at the airport lounge. Get the Media Slingbox and tune into any TV programming by tuning in to your home cable box. This gadget connects to both your home broadband connection and your cable box, intercepting whatever is going through the cable box and then “slings” it onto your laptop, no matter the location.

For a student, the more cost-effective USB powered TV flash stick may do just as well. It enables watching and recording of digital TV on your student laptop!

Cable Lock

This is a good compromise between portability and security. It attaches your device to the table or desk securely. This is a great theft deterrent that not only protects your valuable data but also prevents your laptop from getting stolen. When you are leaving the coffee shop or any other public place, simply coil your cable and stow it away in the accompanying travel pouch. Some providers of laptop insurance may lower your premiums when your laptop has this gadget.

Chill Mat

It’s no secret that laptops overheat, and that may be good on a chilly day with the device sitting on your knees. However, when having the laptop as your personal heater is not your goal a Chill Mat may be the ideal accessory for reducing the heat and cooling down your laptop. Most Chill Mats have an ergonomic design that makes typing easier too.


If you don’t have a navigation device on the dashboard of your car or a handy 3G iPhone, it is still possible to obtain GPS by transforming your laptop into a useful navigation tool. With the CoPilot Live, you will not need to install any hardware. Rather, a small and convenient GPS receiver will sit on your car dash, relaying GPS info to your laptop via Bluetooth. Your car’s GPS position is continuously plotted on the maps as you drive. If you don’t have Bluetooth, a USB option is also available.


Whether your laptop is for personal use, business or for gaming, these are some of the latest must-have cool gadgets that will add value to your work, making your laptop easier to use, safer and generally better. With these gadgets, you’ll not only be better equipped, more tech-savvy but also have colleagues at the office green with envy.


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