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The Xbox One S only just launched last week, but someone has already created a laptop mod for the slimmed-down system. Master Moddern Edward Zarick, maker of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 laptops, has now released a video of his new Xbook One S laptop mod–and it looks pretty great.

The system is of course smaller than his previous Xbook One (the Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the previous model), and it features a 19-inch Samsung HDTV, with a resolution of 720p. Zarick said, “I had a hard time finding any LCD at that size with 1080p.” If you want full 4K, you can plug the system into your TV, provided your set is 4K-compatible. The previous version sported a 22-inch screen, but he heard from customers that 22 inches was “slightly too big” for something meant to be portable.

On the front are two speakers, pointed directly at the user. The console comes with a TV remote, but you can also use a dial on the system itself to adjust the audio volume.

Though it’s a laptop, the Xbook One S is not battery-powered. “It would end up making this system heavy and not giving you much play time if I added batteries inside,” Zarick said.

For more on the nitty-gritty of the system and how it was made, head to Zarick’s blog.

He’s giving away the 2 TB Xbook One S featured in the video. All you have to do is retweet this tweet for a chance at winning it. You must retweet the message by this Sunday, August 14. Zarick will randomly select a winner this coming Monday or Tuesday. Shipping is free in the US, but if you live somewhere else, Zarick said he’ll work with you to sort out an arrangement.

Zarick is also taking orders. You can choose white or black for the main case color, while you can also select color accents from “pretty much any color.” He’ll also etch your Gamertag into the console, if you want. No changes to the hardware itself were made, so you shouldn’t have issues on Xbox Live, he said.

Pricing starts at $1,495 for the 500 GB system and $1,545 for the 1 TB model. You can also buy a system yourself and ship it to Zarick to bring the price down. Go to Zarick’s website to learn more.

For more on the Xbox One S, check out GameSpot’s review. It’s not the only new console on the way from Microsoft, as the company’s more-powerful Project Scorpio system will debut in 2017.


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