new imac 1200 wideJustin Sullivan/Getty

On Thursday, tech teardown website iFixit discovered exciting details about Apple’s new 21.5-inch iMac: You can upgrade the RAM, and even the processor, yourself after you bought it.

Allowing users to upgrade the new iMac is a big shift in Apple’s normally closed-off mentality about its computers.

Apple had actually removed the ability to upgrade the 21.5-inch iMac’s RAM and CPU in 2013, which wasn’t a popular move, despite the fact that iMacs continued to be popular computers. Indeed, forcing users to buy a new iMac because their current one was starting to slow down also meant replacing parts that didn’t necessarily need upgrading, like the iMac’s built-in display and outer shell.

But Apple has now re-instated upgradeable parts in the 2017 model, and that’s a huge deal for power users who want to prolong the life of their 21.5-inch iMacs.

It also means Apple is likely listening to what its power users want. Now a 21.5-inch iMac owner could greatly prolong the life of their computer by upgrading individual parts for less money than buying an entirely new iMac, which costs $1,100 for the base model.

Still, while I’m sure that users who want to upgrade their iMacs are appreciative, there’s one major thing that’s holding users back from making their iMac truly upgradeable and last forever.

Check it out: