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It seems that Apple is going to have a busy year ahead of it if rumors of its products to be unveiled are to be believed. After speculations that it will soon unveil its Apple Watch 2, four-inch iPhone, and iPad Air 3 next month, a rumor that an upgraded MacBook joining the launch is also keeping Apple fans abuzz.

While there is no solid evidence backing this rumor, this piece of unconfirmed news falls into the good graces of the MacBook users, who hope that it is more than just a mere rumor . Know Your Mobile opined that the current line of MacBooks is a mess and a much-needed upgrade is necessary at this point in time.

It also noted that the current MacBook line—consisting an ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook, the thicker 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro— is just too many for a series. It also pointed out that it has a rather confusing nomenclature, citing MacBook Air, which, despite its name, is actually thicker than a MacBook.

MacBook AirREUTERS / John C Abell

Apple 11″ Macbook Air.

Meanwhile, Breathecast reported that it is very likely for the upcoming 13 and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops to drop the word “Air” from their names.

Digi Times reported earlier that Apple is planning to release the MacBook series at almost the same volume it had in 2015, which is roughly 20 million units. Once the new MacBook series is out, it is expected to boost Apple’s overall performance in the market.

MacBook Pro 2016YOUTUBE / ColbysTechReviews

A screengrab from a video report on the expected specs and features of the MacBook Pro 2016.

However, while the reports saying that Apple is unveiling its four-inch iPhone along with its iPad Air 3 next month seem to have weight, the same thing cannot be said about the speculations surrounding the release of its MacBook series. Latest rumors have it that Apple is planning to unveil the series during the Worldwide Developers Conference happening in June.

For the meantime, all the rumors saying this and that about the new MacBook Series should only be taken with a grain of salt until Apple officially makes an announcement.


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