Apple MacBook Pro 2016 review as laptop put through the ultimate … –


Although it might not be the best machine for a long-haul flight this new laptop is actually incredibly portable.

Once we’d hit the endless halls of CES, carrying the MacBook in our rucksack wasn’t as big a problem as we’d originally expected.

We wanted a large laptop to help us plough through the endless announcements that are rapidly revealed from the world’s biggest technology show, but we had a feeling we’d pay for this luxury with a bag that felt like it was full of bricks.

Luckily, when you’re carrying this new MacBook it really doesn’t feel that big.

That’s because Apple has managed to shave a lot of weight from its new design and that’s made it far easier to handle. 

In fact, the 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch only weighs 1.8kg which isn’t much heavier than its smaller 13-inch predecessor.

Clearly, the new Pro isn’t as portable as Apple’s insanely thin MacBook, but it’s surprising just how easy we found lugging this mega machine around Las Vegas.


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