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Apple has yet to release the new iMac 2016. The upcoming desktop boasts of powerful specifications, as well as virtual reality (VR) compatibility. The new AMD Polaris 10 GPU is said to be main component that allows the unit to support VR devices. There were talks in October 2015 that Apple and AMD entered into an agreement to produce the GPU hardware for the former’s future products.

According to MacWorld, the new Apple iMac 2016 will showcase the latest AMD Radeon Polaris graphics card, allowing the device to be VR compatible. Roy Taylor of AMD said that the company recently finished the size reduction to 14nm on the Polaris 10, allowing them to create GPUs that will operate the minimum specification of VR at a cheaper price and in bigger volumes. The Apple iMac 2016 component will also function faster and consume less power than before. The recent development paves the way for Apple iMac 2016 users to enjoy VR headsets by the second half of the year.

WCCF Tech revealed that the AMD Radeon Polaris 10 chip on the Apple iMac 2016 will boost the graphics performance of the device due to the integrated 16nm FinFET production approach. There are also rumors that the new Apple desktop will include the Kaby Lake chipset by Intel, a Display 1.2 support and USB 3.1 support. According to some, the Kaby Lake processor will be present if the iMac 2016 launches within the year. If Apple decides to release the desktop later in 2017, the units may feature the more powerful Cannonlake chipset.

Mobilenapps stated that the Apple iMac 2016 may arrive with the new macOS Sierra pre-installed and the Fusion Drive, a new flash storage that lets users take advantage of a high-performance combination of flash and conventional storage system. Also, the display is expected to remain at 27 inches, which is standard among iMacs with AMD Radeon GPUs.If the Apple iMac 2016 indeed includes VR support, it will be the very first in the history of the company.

The Apple iMac 2016 with VR support is expected to launch sometime in October 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.


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