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What are the best Black Friday deals on Apple products this year? If you are hoping to find a bargain on an iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro or even the newest version of Apple TV, there will be plenty of doorbuster deals coming up during Black Friday weekend later this month.

Although details about the 2015 Black Friday Apple Store deals have yet to be revealed, the past few years have proven that the best holiday deals on Apple products tend to be at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Mashable reports that in 2014, Apple offered iTunes gift cards up to $100 with an in-store purchase on Black Friday, but there was no reduction in price on the product itself. The big box stores offered in-store gift cards as well, but also dropped the price on popular items like the iPad, iPod, and select iPhones.

The biggest Apple-related bargains during this year’s Black Friday sale? According to Deal News, the iPad and iPad mini will be the big doorbuster deal at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and even Staples. And yes, Staples will be closed on Thanksgiving, but their leaked ad scan shows that they will be fairly competitive when they open their doors on Black Friday with four different iPad models priced at up to $150 off.

“The iPad mini 4 could see the most deals of any new iPad this Black Friday. Last year, retailers shaved $100 off the flagship iPad mini 3. This year, we predict retailers will do the same to the new iPad mini 4, offering it for as low as $300.”

If you don’t need the newest model of the iPad, it’s likely you will find even better deals on both the full size and the mini. There is speculation that the iPad mini 2 will be priced as low as $199 with the possibility of a gift card incentive at both Walmart and Target. However, if you can’t wait until November 27 to scoop one up, Walmart is currently selling the 16gb WiFI iPad mini 2 for $199 online.

The iPhone 6S and 6S plus just came out in September, but Deal News reports that some carriers may offer a $99 holiday deal on the 6S, similar to the one-day offering on the iPhone 6 last year. Unlocked iPhones may not be a big bargain, especially if the sales mimic last year’s unlocked iPhone 6 deals — the standard discount was about $9 off retail in 2014.

In the market for a new laptop? Black Friday is usually a good time to find a deal on the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air, with more bargains expected on the Air models. The Apple Store may or may not offer an iTunes gift card with purchase again this year (no discount), so it may be wise to look at authorized Apple resellers like Best Buy for a deal on a MacBook.

CNet reports that Best Buy held an early Black Friday sale on the MacBook Air this weekend, but there was no actual discount on the laptop. Instead, they did include a $100 Best Buy gift card with purchase. That’s a great deal if you have use for the $100 gift card (regift it, perhaps), but not so good if you don’t shop there often.

Deal News senior features writer Louis Ramirez states that just like the iPad deals, it will be worth waiting until Black Friday for discounts on the MacBook Air and iMac, especially at retailers like Micro Center, Best Buy, Frye’s. Ramirez predicts that the MacBook Air will hit an “all-time price low” of $730 and iMacs will be priced under $1,000.

The Black Friday ads are already starting to leak out online, so make sure to comparison shop between the big box stores that sell Apple products before you venture out during the holiday weekend.

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