Acer Predator laptop Hands-on

I checked it out here at IFA and it looks even bigger in person, if you can believe that. It is simply massive. An Acer spokesperson even told us it weighs a whopping 8 kg (17.7 pounds). Still, that giant screen with its 2,560 x 1,080 resolution does do a lot to immerse you in gameplay, and I can see it being used to watch movies as well. But the insanity doesn’t stop there. Underneath that massive display is Tobii’s eye-tracking tech, which lets you simply look at an enemy target to aim rather than having to fiddle around with a mouse or keyboard. I had a go at it after a brief tutorial, and I have to admit it was pretty fun to just press a spacebar to fire rather than having to deal with the WASD keys as well.

Speaking of that keyboard, the Predator 21X is equipped with rather gorgeous mechanical one, complete with Cherry MX switches and RGB illumination. It was a joy to type on, and I can see its appeal to those who love the feel of clicky keys. What’s more, the trackpad on the Predator 21X actually transforms into a number keypad — you simply turn it over to go from number puncher to hardcore gamer (and vice versa). It’s a feature we’ve seen before, but it’s still cool to see it here.