Accessorize that New Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet and Get 20 Percent Off … – Yahoo Tech

Are you that geek who asked only for a thing with a screen — a phone, a tablet, a laptop — for Christmas? Did you get what you wanted? If so, then it’s time to accessorize. That’s the first thing I do when I get a new tech toy: Get toys for it. And, of course, I like to get a deal on those accessories.

Whatever tech gadget you got for Christmas, chances are the folks at Bracketron make an accessory for it: Tablet stands, mounts to hold your phone in the car or on your bike, cases so you can carry your phone while running, gaming accessories, in-car laptop mounts, cool phone holders that work with your car’s cup holder (above), dual-purpose battery chargers, and lots more. 

But you’ll want to check out Bracketron’s selection now, because everything is 20 percent off at the moment — if you use the code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.


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