2016 MacBook vs. 2015 MacBook Speed Test: Which Apple Laptop Is Faster? – Tech Times

Many comparisons have already been made between the 2016 and 2015 models of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. The most notable change between the two laptops is the upgraded processor of the 2016 edition, with the newer model being powered by an Intel Skylake Core M processor compared to the 2015 model’s Intel Core M processor.

Initial comparison tests between the two laptops on the Geekbench benchmarking service revealed that the 2016 model can run between 5 percent and 18 percent faster than the 2015 model, depending on the preferred configuration of users.

Apple news website Apple Insider ran its own tests to see how much the performance of the 2016 MacBook was boosted compared to the 2015 model. The results were more of the same.

The first test was to check the SSD speed of the 2016 MacBook, which was revealed to be more consistent and faster. The improvement would lead to the loading of applications and booting up becoming faster, though there was not much difference noticed.

Apple Insider also ran the laptops through Geekbench 3, and also through the CPU and GPU rendering test known as Cinebench and web browsing test Octane. The 2016 MacBook showed improvement compared to the 2015 MacBook, though the differences were only slight.

The 2016 MacBook also proved to be 14 percent faster compared to last year’s model when tested with exporting pictures on Lightroom, which is a negligible speed bump unless thousands of pictures are involved.

The chain of slight and negligible improvements was broken on BruceX, which is a benchmark test for Final Cut. The 2016 MacBook showed a nearly 300 percent improvement on video editing compared to the 2015 MacBook.

According to Apple Insider, there were not enough big improvements in the 2016 MacBook to warrant 2015 MacBook users to upgrade to the newer model. Instead, the website advises users to wait a few years before upgrading or purchase one of the company’s more powerful offerings such as the MacBook Pro.


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