2016 MacBook Pro Release Date Rumors: Apple to Launch Device Earlier? – Christian Post


Apple’s MacBook

Apple fans are in for a ride as a new rumor has started circulating online regarding the 2016 MacBook Pro’s early release, the rumor adding that the laptop will be unveiled with the 2016 MacBook Air and iPad Air 3.

Some outlets suggest that the reason why the gadgets are speculated to release earlier this year is because of the competition. The 2016 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro might be unveiled later this year instead of next year, as it is the perfect time when competition and other alternatives become scarce. This could also be true since Apple suddenly started to offer huge discounts on its older models.

Other tech news outlets state that the unveiling of the 2016 MacBook Pro could happen at the time of year when profits from the current variants could be maximized, which is early next year.

While Apple has not yet released details about the release and official specs of the laptop, multiple outlets report that the latest model will be the best yet, as it is expected to come with a processor equipped with the latest Skylake-U chipset, a first-rate chipset especially from Intel. It is also said to feature a DDR4 and faster RAM version compared to the older models.

Another rumor associated with the laptop suggests that the Skylak-U processor will provide special improvements to the CPU and GPU of the gadget, at a reported 10 percent increase in CPU performance and 34 percent increase in Intel HD graphics speed.

The 2016 MacBook Pro is also seen to sport Force Touch technology, OS X El Capitan, a sleek keyboard, and an improved battery life capacity, with up to 1.4 hours more than the previous models could handle.

Apple has yet to announce the official details about the release date, features, and price of the 2016 MacBook Pro, but consumers are already believing that the tech giant just may decide to go with what the rumors suggest.


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