(Foto: Apple)

Considering Apple will be releasing the iPad Pro on November 11, it looks like there won’t be any new product launch from the iPhone maker anytime after that, as that could affect the upcoming tablet’s sales.

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“It was assumed that Apple doesn’t want all the attention to go to MacBook Air (if it gets released this year) since it will only hurt the sales for iPad Pro,” affirmed Christian Today.

Further, the media event the company hosted in September this year did not mention the rumored MacBook Air 2016, thus fueling speculations that the device may indeed not be out this year.

However, it appears that a number of pundits are quite confident that it will be released next year, as the company had recently reduced the prices of its older products. Discounted prices are typically regarded as signs that a gadget maker is about to release new iterations of the reduced-rate devices. Could the new MacBook Air be coming early next year then?

According to some reports, it appears that it could probably be released in the spring of next year, along with the MacBook Pro.

One reason that has been put forward by observers about the said delayed release was the alleged “unavailability of the processors that have not been produced yet.”

“The processors are set to be manufactured before 2015 ends,” Christian Today┬ásaid in another piece. “The Skylake processors will replace the Broadwell chips inside the current Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.”

The 2016 MacBook Air has been said to be the cheapest MacBook ever, which explains the intense anticipation for this laptop model. It, along with the Pro version, will reportedly have Force Touch technology, and may come in 13-inch or 15-inch display variants.

“With the Skylake-U processor under the hood, the performance levels will be off the charts, having a 10% upsurge in CPU speed and 34% upsurge as far as the Intel HD graphics are concerned,” Neurogadget┬ásaid. “The battery will also be enhanced, the device will contain a Type-C USB port and it will also run on OS X. The MacBook Pro 2016 will mirror the MacBook Air version, however it might just rock more RAM.”

Apple, however, has not yet confirmed these rumors. The company is not expected to do so, or release spec information months before actual launch, though. However, it’s been speculated that the Air may cost about $899.

What price point would make you go and grab a 2016 MacBook Air or Pro?