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Is Apple moving to please gamers now?

Rumors have it that the upcoming versions of the Macbook Air and MacBook Pro will be great for gaming with the inclusion of an Nvidia GPU and a “new external GPU specifically designed for Apple devices,” as noted by Yibada.

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Nvidia had announced the availability of the GeFroce GTX 950, which has a 2GB RAM and is priced at $159.

“If you’re looking for a modern GPU that can handle the latest games, this is the place to start. Up to three times faster than previous-generation GeForce GTX 650, and with support for all the latest technologies and effects, the GTX 950 gets you in the game,” Nvidia was quoted by Geeky Gadgets as saying.

“2GB of video memory ensures a high level of texture detail at 1920×1080 in the majority of games, and all those bells and whistles that may have been previously off-limits can now be enabled,” it went on to explain.

With this development, many pundits have speculated that this new graphic card may find its way into the MacBook Air 2016, as well as the MacBook Pro 2016.

The MacBook Air 2016 has been rumored to feature Force Touch and also have USB Type-C and Touch ID. It may also be powered by Intel’s faster Skylake-U chipset.

If the reports are indeed true, it sounds like the upcoming MacBook Air is worth the wait – which is a hard thing to do considering the current MacBook Air comes at an appealing price at below $1,000.

Previously, gaming on a MacBook sounded a less desirable option. However, Apple had made changes to the hardware so that it gradually became better for gaming.

“The MacBook Pro range offers Intel Iris graphics at the low end, and strong dedicated graphics as you get to the top – and most models have brilliant super high-res screens to show it off, too,” TechRadar noted.

“There’s the Mac Pro, boasting a Xeon processor and two GPUs in a near-silent, eight-inch-tall enclosure (okay, it really isn’t for gaming, but it’s gorgeous). Even the MacBook Air is making the most of Haswell, with brand new processors and Intel’s decent HD 5000 graphics in a tiny machine that gets 12 hours of battery life,” it added.

Apple’s introduction of the Boot Camp software helped pave the way to a great gaming experience traditionally had on Windows-powered devices. With the said software, users can play Windows games on Mac.

Naturally, the next step to this is an Apple laptop that can top this kind of gaming experience. Will the 2016 iterations be the models Mac-loving gamers have been wishing for?