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Apple MacBook AirREUTERS / Mario Anzuoni

A MacBook Air laptop is pictured on display at an Apple Store in Pasadena, California July 22, 2013.

The 2016 MacBook Air will probably not be released because Apple is planning to end the Air lineup in favor of the iPad Pro, the latest rumors say.

Carolina Milanesi, the head of U.S. Business for Kantar World Panel Comtech, said Apple may soon drop the Air line to focus on mobility and portability that the iPad Pro offers. There are now speculations that the tech giant may decide not to release the 2016 MacBook Air anymore, Yibada reports.

“All [notebooks] need to be more mobile, so something like the Air doesn’t need to be branched out anymore,” Yibada quotes Milanesi’s statement. “… And it’s to Apple’s benefit not to have so many ‘families’ of Macs.”

Jackdaw Research Chief Analyst Jan Dawson echoed Milanesi’s statement. In an interview with Macworld, Dawson said Apple may be planning to phase out its laptop line and stop manufacturing MacBook Air devices, the report relays.

Earlier, rumors surfaced about Apple planning to unveil the 2016 MacBook Air and the Apple OS X El Capitan operating system on Black Friday. There are also reports saying Apple postponed the release of the next MacBook Air to give way to the iPad Pro. Other reports pointed to a December launch of the device, according to a Gospel Herald report cited by the Ecumenical News.

There are also various reports about the expected specs and features of the 2016 MacBook Air. Among those specs are a 13-inch and 15-inch displays, Type-C USB port, better battery life, Intel Skylake-U processor, OS X El Capitan, and Force Touch technology, the report details.

If the speculations about the release are true, then the next MacBook Air would be the most powerful device in the lineup. So far, Apple has remained mum on all the rumored specs and release date of the 2016 MacBook Air. More details about the devices are expected to surface in the next few months.


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