2016 Apple MacBook Air Almost Confirmed to Come Out with Intel Skylake Processor – Master Herald

The 2016 Apple MacBook Air along with its laptop contemporary the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro, are touted to be launched this month in an expected Apple event to happen sometime between March 15 to March 20.

Last year, Apple had its “Spring Forward” event where it launched the Apple Watch, and the new Apple MacBook, along with a couple more product offerings.

Since the 2016 Apple MacBook Air and the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro were not launched during the American tech giant’s customary end-of-summer event in September last year, it was widely speculated that the latest laptop and notebook lines from Apple would be launched in March this year.

While Apple has yet to come out with an official announcement as regards its supposed March event, critics feel that the tech firm has to have another event this March where it could launch the Apple Watch 2, the iPad Air 3, the iPhone 5SE, the 2016 MacBook Air, and the 2016 MacBook Pro.

There are even reports saying that the 2016 MacBook Air and the 2016 MacBook Pro could be launched during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June but there is still no word coming out from the company about it.

Interestingly, during the “Spring Forward” event of Apple in March last year, the company already sent out press invitations three to four weeks before the event. The fact that Apple has not sent out official press invitations for its supposed March event also puts it into uncertainty.

Skylake instead of Haswell

Aside from the expected physical overhaul and significant design improvements over its predecessor model, the 2016 MacBook Air will feature Intel’s sixth generation processor called the Skylake.

Skylake is a significant improvement over Haswell processor, which was introduced back in 2013. The Haswell micro-architecture has made Apple a little distant when it comes to other competition in the market.

The new chipset offers a number of improvements compared to its predecessor, but still focuses on giving the new Apple laptop and notebook more battery life, notes the Parent Herald.

According to the Gospel Herald, it is possible that 2016 MacBook Air would come in three variants – a 12-inch one, a 13-inch model, and a 15-inch version.

Offsetting lower iPhone sales

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable analyst of KGI Securities, and very popular for his forecast of new Apple products, recently stated that the release of the upcoming 2016 MacBook lines would help the American tech giant offset its lower iPhone sales.

While Apple has remained mum as to the exact release date of the 2016 MacBook Air and the 2016 MacBook Pro, speculations have been going around on the internet that the 2016 MacBook Air could come out in March while its bigger sibling, the 2016 MacBook Pro, could be released to the market sometime in June.

What seems clear among the many rumors about the 2016 MacBook Air is that it shall incorporate Intel’s Skylake processors, a much better battery, and thus improve battery life, and very lightweight too.

apple macbook

There have been rumors previously saying that the 2016 Apple MacBook Air could come in two size variants – the 13-inch edition and the 15-inch model. But as of late, there are also speculations that a third 12-inch variant may also come out.

It is likely that Apple will have an event this March where the Cupertino-based tech company will be launching the Apple Watch 2, the iPad Air 3, the iPhone 5SE, and possibly the 2016 MacBook Air.

Then, the American tech giant would have another event in June during the WWDC 2016 where it would launch the Apple iOS 10 and the 2016 MacBook Pro.


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