A Wyoming bookstore has banned cellphones and laptops, urging customers to “live like it’s 1993.”

A report from KTWO-TV says the ban is in effect at Wind City Books in Casper to get customers to read, according to ABC7 News.

“We want people to be able to come into the store, relax, enjoy a book, find a book that’s either going to entertain them or inform them,” owner Vicki Burger told KTWO.

“Nope. No Wifi,” says a sign in the window.

The sign asks customers to leave their cellphones and laptops in their bags as they enter “a place for books.”

“Live like it’s 1993. Emails can wait,” the sign says.

According to Burger, her customers fully support the ban, saying the bookstore is an oasis of peace and quiet, ABC7 News reported.

KTWO spoke to one customer, a woman holding a sleeping child.

“I think it’s refreshing to be able to go somewhere and not hear someone’s phone ringing or their email dinging or something like that,” she said.