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A WOMAN who lost her laptop at Standsted airport says Ryanair flew her device to Romania and now they won’t give it back.

Susan Connolly, who lives in Cambridge, got on a Ryanair plane from Dublin to London on April 25.

Susan Connolly left her laptop in a plane as she landed on Standsted Airport in London

Susan Connolly left her laptop in a plane as she landed on Standsted Airport in London

The 31-year-old had to put her laptop in an overhead locker because her seat was in the emergency exit row.

Susan, who works as a writer, said she realised she left it there when she was on a shuttle bus from the plane to the airport.

But Ryanair flew the laptop to Romania - and won't give it back

But Ryanair flew the laptop to Romania – and won’t give it back

But when she headed to a Ryanair check-in desk to ask for it back, she said: “They said they had already checked the plane and there was no way to re-check it.”

When she thought her laptop, which has her work on it including drafts of novels and scripts, was lost, she changed all her passwords.

She said : “Then I got an email from Romania saying they had found my laptop, because the plane I had got from Dublin to London had then gone on to Romania.

“Bucharest Airport said they could send it back via a Ryanair plane to Stansted but I would have to give notice that I understood it might get damaged.”

The writer then gave them permission to send it back to her but it’s been three months now and she’s still without her laptop.

She called Bucharest Airport  who said that Ryanair refused to put the laptop on a plane or even post it to her.

The writer has been without the laptop for three months now

The writer has been without the laptop for three months now

Frustrated she said: “The only option I had was either to fly there myself or to make a friend in Bucharest who I can nominate go and pick up my laptop, which to me seems ridiculous.

“They know where it is, they know it’s mine, I don’t understand why they can’t arrange for me to get it back.”

If she decides to fly there herself she faces forking out a couple of hundred pounds for a return flight to get it back.

After numerous calls to Ryanair, she has now taken to Twitter to force the airline to respond to her.

Even her friends have contacted them to get a response.

She added: “I think what is most frustrating about it is you hear all this stuff about Ryanair and how they’re horrible to fly on, but I actually quite like flying on Ryanair.”

Ryanair deny any contact was made by Susan herself.

A spokesperson, who described the incident as a “non-issue”, told The Sun: “Ryanair does not accept any liability for customers’ hand baggage, as it is each individual customer’s responsibility to ensure that they carry all of their belongings with them when leaving the airport or aircraft.

“The Lost Property Office in the relevant airport may be able to assist with locating misplaced hand luggage.

“Our customer service team has no record of any correspondence with the customer in question, and  the matter has since been resolved.”


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