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Now, it must be remembered at this point that I am no computer expert. I know the difference between hardware and software in the computer world. I tend to rely on the control/alt/delete keys to get a computer to move when stuck (this doesn’t seem to work with my current laptop), and I know that the ESC (escape) key can be my friend. I can download, delete and make some basic programs do what I want.

By this time on my recent evening, it is well past time for me to say lights out, but I know that I will not get much sleep with this whole computer thing not rectified. So, I do a little Google research on my iPad to find out what I can do to reset my computer, seemed to be the best available option.

Ah ha, Google tells me I can go to the start button, go to restart, click on restart and hold down the shift key. Doing this is supposed to open up a new window giving me options for resetting my computer. Who knew? After several attempts, I get to the screen! There are several options for the reset. I choose the one that will leave me at least some of my “stuff.”

It worked! It worked! I am so excited, relieved, happy! Yes, I lost some programs that were on my computer (those that did not come with the machine), but I didn’t lose my pictures. I didn’t lose my documents. I didn’t lose those things that I would have trouble recreating. I feel like it’s a miracle. My laptop is mine again. Three hours of frustration gave way to relief. Thank you Google. You knew what you were talking about! Life is good after all!

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