Trump says he won’t let Don McGahn testify to Congress: ‘It’s done’ – Washington Examiner

President Trump said Thursday that he will not allow former White House counsel Don McGahn to appear before Congress to testify about his possible obstruction of justice.

“I’ve had him testifying already for 30 hours,” Trump said during a Fox News interview, referring to McGahn’s interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller.

McGahn told Mueller that he resisted orders from Trump to fire the special counsel. The orders are a key area of interest for Democrats seeking to impeach Trump, though Attorney General William Barr found they were insufficient evidence of criminal obstruction. Mueller found no underlying criminal conspiracy with Russia.

“Congress shouldn’t be looking anymore. This is all. It’s done,” Trump said.

White House officials signaled this week that Trump may assert executive privilege over testimony by McGahn and others, as Trump presents Mueller’s report as an exoneration.

“I’ve given total transparency. It’s never happened before like this,” Trump told Fox News.

Although Trump has not publicly released his tax returns, he said Mueller’s investigation indicates his finances are also beyond suspicion, declaring “I’m so clean.”

“I assume they looked at my taxes. I assume Mueller looked at my financial statements, having 20 people and 49 FBI agents and all of the staff and all the money that was spent,” Trump said. “I assume for the $35 million, my taxes, my financial statements, which are phenomenal, they’ve gone through anything. And I’m so clean. Think of it, two and a half years and all that money spent, nothing. Very few people could have sustained that.”


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