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MANTACHIE, Miss. (WTVA)—It is listed on the back of employee ID cards. It’s the eight ways that he or she can contribute to society and make themselves and the company better.

Employees at Toyota-Boshoku were able to fulfill one of those ways Tuesday morning.

Members of the company made their way to Mantachie High School, and they brought with them a cart full of new laptops.

25 laptops were donated to the school as part of a request. The request came from two teachers who saw the need for the laptops.

Teachers Jill Cox and Amber Strong saw that many of their students were not able to complete their work due to limited available computers.

So they wrote Toyota-Boshoku and explained their need.

At the other end of the request was Dennis Marceau of Toyota-Boshoku. He read the request and immediately reflected upon the company’s philosophy listed on the back of his ID. Number 7 of the total eight ways lists “As a good corporate citizen, we do what is right and contribute to society.”

Following a lot of paperwork and time, the laptops finally arrived on the Mantachie campus Tuesday morning.

“We were very excited, and our students were very excited to be able to have that technology,” Cox said.

According to Marceau, the 25 laptops are self-sufficient and can be moved in the cart from classroom-to-classroom. A printer and a wireless modem were also included.

Along with Toyota-Boshoku’s eight ways, education is a major part of the company’s way-of-life.

“We see the need for stronger education, not just in the communities where we live but also throughout all of our organization. Our organization, which consists of 13 tier-one plants, carry the same philosophy and that comes from our parent company in Japan,” said Tom Greenwell.


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