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Even better? A phone!

Smartphones aren’t always the best gifts to put under the tree — unless you’re buying your tween’s first handset (or secretly shopping for yourself) — because a) they’re highly personal items, and b) not worth much without a data plan. Still, if you’re in the market for a new handset, you’ll find some sweet phone deals out there. 


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked is $400 at Or get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $200 from TextNow with one of that service provider’s budget plans. Even cheaper? TextNow’s Moto X is $99. Or the ZTE ZMAX 2 is just $129 ($50 off) unlocked, meaning you can probably use it with the plan you have. 

It’s also a good time to get an iPhone from T-Mobile. That service provider will upgrade your iPhone purchase as long as supplies last: Buy an iPhone with 16GB and get upgraded to 64GB; Buy one with 64GB and get upgraded to 128GB.

Stock up on cute tech gifts?

Action cam: This cute little Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Action Camera is magnetic so you can stick it anywhere and capture life as it happens. It’s 25 percent off at Amazon.


Smartwatches: High-tech wrist gear is everywhere all of a sudden. And the Moto 360 Smartwatch for Android phone is a favorite of mine. Get $40 off the Dark Metal or Light Metal. Or get the Sony SmartBand 2 fitness tracker — it also does a lot of the alerts a smart watch will do — for $35 off.


Styluses: Know an artist — or someone who wishes they were? The Pencil by FiftyThree will turn an iPad into an awesome artist’s drawing surface. Flip it around and the eraser end works just like an eraser. It’s available through the new Amazon Launchpad program for startups for $20 off. Adonit’s stylus’s make great gifts, too. And you can get 30% off the Jot Touch White, Jot Script, or Ink/Slide and 20% off the Gold Pro, Mini, and Dash.


Smart bulbs: iLumi’s Smart (app controlled) light bulbs, the A19 & BR30, are both being $15 off at These bulbs will upgrade the quality of your indoor lighting and let you control your light from your phone. Or get 20 percent off the IQ smart plugs at (There are other great accessories on sale there, too.)

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