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This Malaysian Guy Just Spent RM39,999 On A Laptop

The laptop in question is the Acer Predator 21 X. And yes, RM39,999 includes GST. Who bought it? His name is Arysan Ismail, he’s 34, and he has an IT Startup. Bet you wished you had your own startup now right? 

He was quoted as saying “Life is short, enjoy what you can, buy while you still can”. And buy he did. Just yesterday. 

Acer Malaysia Product Manager walking Arsyan through his purchase. He looks impressed.We asked an Acer rep about the process of purchasing the laptop and we were told that the laptop was not sold through outlets but instead, interested buyers were required to call in to Acer Malaysia to make that purchase. Arysan made the call, and now he’s the proud owner of the only Acer Predator 21 X in Malaysia. 

This is what it looks like.The lappie comes with a 21-inch curved screen. That’s right curved. In terms of specs you’re looking at all the bells and whistles. 7th Gen i7 processor, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 SLI, and 64GB DDR4-2400 memory. In layman’s term, this is lit. Legit. Fire emoji. 

Here he is again. He looks so happy.If you’ve noticed, that bag that the Predator is placed on, that comes with the laptop. You need a luggage bag to lug this thing around. LAN parties will never be the same again.

Do you think it’s overkill? Or do you envy him? Sound off in the comments.


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