This Kangaroo costs $300, and you can carry it around with you – CNBC

Believe it or not, there’s a way to get your hands on a personal Kangaroo — but this one isn’t a marsupial that lives in a zoo or in the wild.

In this case, the Kangaroo in question is the brainchild of mobile-computer maker InFocus. Launched just last week, the Kangaroo Notebook — a nod to the marsupial’s ability to hide its young in a pouch — is a pocket-sized metal block that’s taller and thinner than a stack of credit cards, and half the weight of a modern smartphone.

The 32 GB (which can be expanded to 256 GB) notebook does nothing on its own — that is, until it’s paired with a laptop-like dock that’s included. It then becomes a fully functional Windows 10 laptop.

The notebook is InFocus’ latest effort at making a modular computer and putting the power of a traditional laptop in the user’s pocket. The brains of the device is the removable, card-sized Kangaroo Mini, which holds the processor, memory and storage. The idea is that multiple users can use one computer unit but own individual Minis — having one for entertainment, another for work, etc.— thus saving space and money.

When the Mini is plugged into an included laptop-like dock, the dock uses the Mini’s processor and storage to function like a standard Windows-powered laptop. When removed, the Mini retains all personal information in its onboard storage, meaning it’s possible to maintain all the info on just the card.


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