Thieves hit another band during St. Louis stop, stealing laptop, cash and personal items –

ST. LOUIS • Someone made off with the personal items of members of the Texas-based band Austin Meade while they stopped to get a bite to eat.

One of the first stops the band made Friday when they arrived in St. Louis was the iconic Gateway Arch. They posted a photo of themselves all-smiles in front of the beaming monument to social media with a call for St. Louisans to come rock out with them at Off Broadway music venue later that night.


Austin Meade

A photo posted to Facebook by the band Austin Meade on Friday, July 7, 2017.

After the Arch the group stopped at a restaurant near St. Louis University, said bass guitarist Brenton Kim.

When they left, they discovered their van had been broken into around 2:50 p.m, Kim said. He said the van was visible through the restaurant windows, but the thieves were quick. 

“These guys popped our rear door lock and got away with quite a bit of our stuff,” the group posted to Facebook on Friday.

The stolen items include a laptop, cash, glasses and all songs the band has written over the last couple years. The group filed a police report.

Kim and his bandmates remained optimistic despite the incident.

“There was a silver lining,” he said. “Thankfully, we were able to put on the show.”

The band opened for Cody Canada and the Departed.

Kim said while the crime was unfortunate, he realizes, “not everyone is bad.”

The band will continue their tour, heading south to Texarkana, Texas, for a show Saturday.

Thefts from bands’ tour vans are not rare in St. Louis. 

In August, the metal band Black Crown Initiate had money, clothing, passports and electronics stolen from their van. The band received thousands of dollars in donations to recoup their loss.

Thieves stole the belongings of high school students and chaperones traveling through St. Louis from Oklahoma in May.

The crime, which often hits visitors from out of state, is rarely punished but leaves lasting frustrations. 


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