The solar backpack that your laptop needs – New Vision

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The director of business development at Future Link Technoogies Byron Osire explains about the laptop battery charger device using solar panels. (Credit: Francis Emorut)

If you are the workaholic who easily gets irritated whenever there is sudden power outage and you cannot use your laptop anymore, then a backpack fitted with solar panels is your best option.

Other times you could be in a remote area with no electricity supply, so such a laptop backpack comes in very handy on the go.

So with this hi-tech bag, you are sure to keep on schedule and hand in your assignment in time.

According to Byron Osire, the business development manager of Future Link Technologies, the Array 10W Solar Backpack keeps your laptop, smartphone, and other small electronics charged.




The new innovation includes a padded laptop sleeve. This high performance solar backpack is ready for daily commute or off grid adventure.

The solar panel is fitted outside and pointed towards the sun.

It has voltaic battery which comprises of a DC input charger and DC output which you can connect to and charge your laptop with an adaptor. It has also a USB output to charge your smartphone.

With this equipment, you are assured of a power source for your laptop for six to seven hours.

According to Osire, one can acquire the backpack laptop bag at sh1.5m but if the purchase is in bulk the price is lower.

The equipment is suitable for business class, those working in the corporate environment, NGOs as well individuals.


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