The five best laptops your money can buy … just in time for tax rebates – The Australian Financial Review

Its ultra-flat keyboard isn’t exactly comfortable to use for long periods, but in short bursts it’s hard to beat for speed and accuracy. Ditto the Force Touch trackpad: the fact that it has absolutely no give in it does take a toll on your fingertips, but it does offer more functionality than any Windows trackpad on the market. Plus, the trackpad is huge, which counts for a lot.

There’s also the Touch Bar, Apple’s answer to the Windows touch screen that puts context-sensitive buttons and sliders on the top row of the keyboard. If Apple could just figure out a way to make the Touch Bar ignore accidental touches (I’m always hitting the “escape” and “Siri” buttons by mistake), it would be brilliant.

And then there’s the Mac OS operating system, which is about to get a major overhaul (not in time for July 1, but it will be free when it comes out in Spring) making it faster and more secure than ever.

If you don’t like Windows, the MacBook Pro is just about the only show in town.

HP EliteBook x360

Notebooks don’t come much more business-oriented (and arguably tax-deductible) than HP’s new EliteBook x360, particularly if you fork out extra for the model with the Sure View privacy screen that lets you work on planes without your neighbours reading every word you type.

The EliteBook x360 has a superb keyboard, an excellent trackpad (though not as good as the one on the MacBook), a battery life to die for, and a cornucopia of ports including a microSD slot, a USB-C port, an HDMI port and a security card reader for two-factor authentication. It’s also got a very decent Wacom stylus, that’s better than the old Surface Pen but probably not as good as we expect the new Surface Pen will be.

But it’s not all about work. The EliteBook x360 it also doubles as an excellent entertainment device, with a screen that spins around for watching videos or using as a tablet in front of the TV.


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