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Published 09/03/2016

The Division players have hit a bottleneck in the game’s beginning sections, in an area where lots of other players gather.


In England, queues quickly began to form.

We wrote about this area yesterday and advised how to get past players who are griefing by blocking its entrance and exit doorways.

But people are still having problems with this room, a small area in The Division’s initial tutorial section, and the issue is exacerbated by the fact it is visited twice during the game’s opening scenes.

At one point you are required to use a laptop on a table, and it is here where the problems surface. Players are finding it difficult to clip through others, and have also reported that only one player at a time can interact with the laptop. This has resulted in a bottleneck when lots of players are in the room. Some have resorted to reloading the area in order to progress.

Players on Twitter were less than happy as queues began to form in order to use the device. Here’s a sample of what was said:

While this bottleneck issue is annoying, it is limited to the game’s opening area. Once past this bottleneck all safe areas within the main game area are instanced, and other players are not visible.

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