The best refurbished laptops deals for those on a tight budget, including half price off Apple MacBooks –

If your current laptop is on its last legs but can’t afford a new one, opting for a refurbished model is a simple and cheaper alternative to trading in for a brand new one.

Luckily, there are an abundance of great deals online at every price point ranging from budget brands to coveted Apple Macbooks.

Starting your search is easy and a number of high street outlets, including Argos and Currys, offer high quality reconditioned models for a fraction of the RRP price.

We’ve found the best cheap refurbished laptop deals that will hopefully save you time and lots of cash.

Best refurbished laptop deals

1. Apple Macbook Pro: £588.99

If you don’t mind a few minor signs of wear and tear this Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch, 4GB from Argos’ Ebay shop is a great investment.

Selling for a fraction of the normal RRP, the Macbook comes complete with the latest OS software, six months guarantee and free delivery.

2. Apple MacBook Air, £599

Fully tested and restored to factory settings, you’ll get this top of the range refurbished 11″, 4GB MacBook Air from Argos’ Ebay store for £599.

It also comes with 12 months guarantee and free delivery.

3. Acer Chromebook Laptop: £139.97

This Acer Chromebook laptop from Laptops Direct is a real bargain for those short on spare cash, the slimline factory restored laptop includes a three-month warranty, saving you £64.01 off the RRP.

4. Lenovo Yoga 2: £249.97

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

This four-way multi-mode mini laptop is a versatile option for those on the go. Buying a refurbished model like this Lenova Yoga 2 from Laptops Direct will save you 53% off the normal £530 RRP.

5. ADVENT Verona Laptop: £220

The lightweight Advent Verona laptop only weighs 1.6KG making it a good investment if you plan on taking your laptop out and about with you – and the battery lasts up to 3.5 hours.

The fully tested and restored Verona laptop from Currys also comes with a year’s guarantee for extra peace of mind.

6. HP EliteBook: £170

Whether you like watching movies and browsing online or need a laptop to complete all your school or work reports this HP EliteBook is a bargain find.

Save 15% off when you buy the HP laptop from Amazon, and get one year guarantee and free UK delivery and essential software pre-installed.

7. ASUS X200CA Notebook: £249

If you want a compact and stylish notebook to do all your online browsing, this refurbed ASUS X200CA for £249 should do the trick.

The laptop comes with high quality SonicMaster sound technology and is lightweight at just 1.2kg – making it a practical choice if you need a laptop for on the go.

8. HP Stream (11.6 inch): £140

The HP Stream is an ideal laptop for the kids to use to do homework, browse the Internet or watch their favourite shows.

Currently £140 in Argos’ eBay outlet store, the laptop comes with 12 months guarantee and free cloud storage for a year.

9. Acer Aspire One Netbook: £129.99

This fast running Acer laptop from Maple UK is great value for money if you’re on a budget.

The simple to use interface using Linux operating system and sleek design is great whether you’re using at home or in the office.

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